Weekend activity


The activities started at 9am prompt. Some parents and most of the kids were present.
Kids were welcomed with songs and rhymes. Followed by the projection of images of an elephants for the kids to identify, and also preparing their minds for the first activity which was the pasting of the elephant.
Pasting of the Elephant.

Kids’ names were written on wrong canson papers in different primary colours. They were called up individually and asked to paste their names on their respective elephant pasted on the board. They all loved it and participated. Kids were appreciated with a hand of applauds. Next was the jumping game.

Jumping Game

Kids were called up in fours to jump up and grap sweets and biscuits on tight ropes. It was fun. Those who could not felt disappointed but was assisted by the teachers. Next was the traditional dance.

Traditional Dance

The 3rd activity was the South West Mamfe traditional dance sung by Mme Miriam. The first song was a welcome song, the second was a fun entertainment song and the third was a goodbye song.
It was fun dancing, the kids loved it, they all responded to the chorus and danced to the rhythm.



Monday 19th October 2015
Nursery Meeting
Meeting Agenda

Weekend activity
End of month evaluation

All the kids participated actively and well
In Nursery One (1) and Pre- Nursery, all the kids participated. They wrote and coloured well in the exams.
For Nursery Two (2), most of the kids wrote the exams well. Except for ZeynepOktay and Ajaj Adam who were not well, and Siddihaarrth Vijay who has difficulties in exercising his hand both in colouring and writing.
End of Month Evaluation We decided that kids will be evaluated this week.

Weekend Activity

We decided that this weekend the kids will participate on colour hunting, making a play garden, traditional dance and number game.

Colour Hunting
Colourful cups will be hidden under face caps for children to pick out a particular colour that they will be asked to pick up.

Play Garden
Kids will come with bowls in which their seeds will be planted. Soil will be duck from the garden and put into each child’s bowl. This seed shall be watered every day and at the end of the term an exposer or demonstration will be done on this by a kid.

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