IFLC 2017


He who talks of culture talks of unity, togetherness, friendship, care and most of all, love.
Saturday, 25th February 2017 marked the 5th edition of the iflc in Cameroon and the 15th edition in the world. Aimed at enhancing Dialogue and friendship within the Amity family, the immediate community and the world at large, the message of this year’s edition of iflc was entered around love, love and love alone as emphasized by the general director in his speech.



It was a great moment here at “Hotel Mont Fébé” Yaounde-Cameroon, with pupils and students from all the Amity colleges in Cameroon, displaying elements of language and cultural diversities. Celebrities of cultural dispensation, one could name them, as the witnessing crowd chanted sounds of appraisal to the kids in action.

Iflc is a festival organized once yearly by the Amity colleges. Amity teaches with the aim of modifying and upgrading the society, yet keeping the originality of the people’s language and culture.

Hoping to celebrate again with you next year we wish you to bear in mind that

“A people void of culture is a people void of identity”

We promote culture.

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