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About AIC

icon As human is an example of the cosmos installed in a body, a school too is a microcosm of humanity. AIC is a member of a chain of pioneers educational institutions established in 2003 for the pursuit of excellence in education in Cameroon.

Bringing aside an intrinsic education experience all over the world. AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE set their educational journey as humble grafts and are volunteers to bear the torch of systematic and venerated knowledge all over Cameroon.

With a reputation of exquisite academic precision, the AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE educational institutions are run by experienced enthusiastic and dynamic Cameroonian staff. AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is outfitted to provide the ground work studies for the achievements in the local and international board examinations, offering students the opportunity to get admission in Cameroon and elsewhere in the world.

Besides the promotions of education in Cameroon the ultimate object of AIC is to built up and school ingenious intellectuals and to enable them to take the probation of the 21st century in their hands all sphere of life.

A better tomorrow challenges us to create, deliver and responsibly manage opportunities for all to achieve their educational potential and become contributing citizens.