HISTORY :As human is an example of the cosmos installed in a body, a school too is a microcosm of humanity. AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE established in 2003 for the pursuit of excellent education in Cameroon.

AMITY set its educational journey as humble grafts and is volunteers to bear the torch of systematic and venerated knowledge all over Cameroon.With a reputation of exquisite academic precision, the AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE educational institutions are run by experienced,enthusiastic and dynamic staff. AMITY is outfitted to provide the ground work studies for the achievements in the local and international board examinations, offering students the opportunity to get admission in Cameroon and elsewhere in the world.

VISION: AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGES regard a quality education for their students to develop them to think on a global scale while being profoundly dedicated to the traditions and values that make them proud citizens of their own country; well acquainted with the environments they live in and capable of forming individual and group relationships to cope with the ongoing and forthcoming challenges locally and globally.

LOCATION : There are five AMITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGES in three different cities in Cameroon. Two in Yaounde, one in Douala and two in Ngaoundere.

CURRICULUM: The curriculum of study comprise all subjects from economics to physics and everything in between.By the end of Form 3 students are expected to select between an Arts or Science course of study.At the end of Form 5,students sit for the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O/L).The student can select a maximum of eleven subject to sit from a Science based list to an Arts based list.At the end of Upper 6th,students sit for General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A/L).

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